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Knowledge Base

  1. Accounts 

    1. Adding new accounts and types of payment
    2. Editing what Accounts are listed in CarVue's Job Cards, Invoices, Credit Notes and Purchase Orders
    3. Sending an invoice, a quote or other documents by email
    4. Creating a Credit Note referencing an Invoice
    5. How to offset
  2. Contacts 

    1. How to add a contact
    2. Attaching a vehicle to a contact
    3. How to delete a contact
    4. How to recover a deleted contact
  3. Dashboard 

    1. Customising your Dashboard
    2. Dashboard overview
  4. General 

    1. Sign-up to CarVue
    2. Login to CarVue
    3. Resetting your password
    4. Having trouble logging in?
    5. Browser Support
  5. Invoices 

    1. How to create an invoice
    2. Invoicing from job cards
    3. Converting a draft to an invoice
    4. Taking payment against an invoice
    5. How to delete an invoice
  6. Products 

    1. What are products and packages?
    2. How to add/edit a product in CarVue
    3. How to add/edit a product package in CarVue
    4. Parts Inventory - adding products
  7. Purchases 

    1. How to create a purchase
    2. Converting a draft to a purchase order
    3. How to email a purchase order
  8. Reports 

    1. Exporting Invoice Transactions from CarVue
    2. Importing invoices into Xero
    3. Importing invoices into KashFlow
    4. Importing Receipt Transactions into KashFlow
    5. Exporting Purchase Transactions from CarVue
  9. Settings 

    1. How to invite a new user to your CarVue
    2. How to setup a user role
    3. Workshop - How Job Status & Status Levels work
    4. Importing historic data into CarVue
    5. Customising your invoice, credit note, purchase order & job card document templates
  10. Software Release Notes 

    1. CarVue Release Changes - v1.2.28
    2. CarVue Release Changes - v1.2.26 (17th March 2016)
    3. CarVue Release Changes - v1.2.25 (29th Feb 2016)
    4. CarVue Release Changes – v1.2.24 (10th Feb 2016)
    5. CarVue Release Changes – v1.2.23 (29 January 2015)
  11. Subscription 

    1. Subscribing to CarVue and info about your subscription
    2. Why subscribe to CarVue?
    3. Upgrade CarVue Subscription
    4. How to cancel your CarVue subscription
  12. Support 

    1. Contacting Support & Suggesting ideas in CarVue
    2. Using the CarVue help articles in the knowledge base
  13. TecDoc 

    1. CarVue>TecDoc - Adding Parts
    2. CarVue>TecDoc - Repair Times - TecRMI
    3. CarVue>TecDoc - Service Schedules - TecRMI
  14. Terms & Privacy 

    1. Terms of Service
    2. Privacy Policy
  15. Tips & Tricks 

    1. Power user keyboard shortcuts
    2. Time saving tip for selecting a date
    3. How to bookmark CarVue on Mobile Phones
    4. Where to start...a 5 step quick start guide to CarVue
  16. Vehicle Sales 

    1. How to add a vehicle into stock
    2. Adding a purchase order for a vehicle purchase
    3. Managing leads & enquiries for your vehicle sales
    4. Adding a part exchange as part of a vehicle sale
    5. Selling a car
  17. Vehicles 

    1. How to add a vehicle
    2. Attaching a new owner to a vehicle
    3. How to delete a vehicle
    4. How to undelete or recover a deleted vehicle
  18. Workshop 

    1. What the tabs on the Jobs page show
    2. How to add a new job card
    3. How to edit job details on a job card
    4. How to add repairs and items to job cards
    5. Why do dates and times change on my job cards?
  19. Xero 

    1. Getting Started with CarVue & XERO
    2. FAQs on CarVue & XERO
    3. Operating your CarVue-XERO Integrated business - Exporting Invoices
  20. All articles 

    1. What the tabs on the Jobs page show
    2. Contacting Support & Suggesting ideas in CarVue
    3. How to add a vehicle
    4. How to invite a new user to your CarVue
    5. How to create an invoice
    142 articles 

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