Workshop - How Job Status & Status Levels work

Within Settings, you have the ability to define as many job statuses as you like!

By default, we provide you with a few to get started, but head over to the Settings > Workshop > Status or Settings > Sales > Status and you'll be able to view, amend, de-activate or add new Statuses.

For each job you can define:
  • Name
  • Colour - used for quick identification
  • Status Level
  • Order By
  • Active

Status Levels

Each Status in CarVue has one of four Status Levels to help identify it's overall position in the business, these are defined as follows:
  • Unconfirmed - jobs where the booking is not confirmed - these will not show on the T-Card Board
  • Awaiting Arrival - confirmed jobs which have not yet arrived
  • On Site - vehicle is on site
  • Off Site - vehicle is off site e.g. moved to another location 

More information on how Statuses and Status Levels show in the system

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