Contacting Support & Suggesting ideas in CarVue

If you ever get stuck in CarVue, worry not... we built a sophisticated support system right into each and every page of the product!

Below is a guide to how you can find answers, contact the CarVue support team to report any difficulties, bugs or issues, and also how you can have your say and suggest new features that may make it into CarVue... 

CarVue Support Widget

You’ll notice at the base of every page in the bottom right corner a little speech bubble with a question mark in it.

This is CarVue Support.

This widget is your all-in-one guide to CarVue, giving you helpful knowledgebase articles for common questions or issues encountered, access to log tickets with our team, and the opportunity to suggest new features for the product. 

For Bugs, Broken Pages or Issues

To let our team know about any bugs or issues, simply click on the support button and enter a description of the issue you've encountered.

Click the 'attach' button to include a screenshot as this may help speed up the investigation of your problem by our team. 

Our intelligent support system will look at your issue, and if we have a matching knowledge base article already, it will appear as a suggestion for you to read. Read more about how the knowledge base works here...

If there are no knowledge base articles, or they don't quite answer your query, your support ticket will be logged in our system for our team to investigate, and our team will be in touch with you when they pick up your ticket.

Suggesting new ideas for CarVue

CarVue is not only an ever-evolving and improving product, it's also a democracy.

We want every one of our users to have a say in how CarVue works and how it can make their life even easier. So whether you have suggestions for new functionality, or you want CarVue to be able to integrate with another system your business relies on, you have the chance to tell us, and more importantly, to tell the other members of the CarVue community so they can discuss, comment and vote on your idea.

All ideas will be acknowledged by our product team, and the most popular ideas may well end up making it into a future release of CarVue. So you've nothing to lose in letting us and your fellow users know your might just make into CarVue, and make yours and others' lives even easier... 

To suggest new CarVue features you think would be a good idea for future inclusion in the program, click the support icon, and then click 'Help us decide what to add next'.

Describe your idea in the text box, click 'Next' and give your idea a good title. Then click 'Post idea' and it will be sent to our team and logged as an idea in our Ideas forum.

Other CarVue users will then be able to see, and vote for your idea from the CarVue feedback forum. 

In addition, you may notice that from time to time our Support widget will pop up and ask for your say on other CarVue users ideas with a simple 50/50 choice, for example 'Automatic details from car reg' or 'Autodata available in CarVue'...

It really is as easy as that. No automated phone systems, email addresses to remember or complicated systems with usernames and passwords to log into.

When you want support, it’s right there, located at the heart of CarVue, and where you’ll be able to find it every time you need it.

Feedback and Knowledge Base