How to add a new job card

1. Click on 'Add new job card'

There's lots of places in CarVue that you can create a new job card from...

From the main CarVue dashboard

... or from the Workshop Dashboard

2. Find or add a Customer and Vehicle

If you have come from the Vehicle or Contact fast menu's, these details will already be partly pre-populated for you.

If you have come from Workshop you need to add a customer and vehicle to your new job card...

Add a Customer

Add a Vehicle

3. Schedule the job

- the date/time that the vehicle is due to be in and out of your workshop
- the status of the job (statuses can be set-up in Admin, more here...)
- assign an advisor
- add any notes to the job. 

When that's all done, hit Save.

And that's it, you've created a new job card in your Workshop!

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