How to edit job details on a job card

So you've been and added a jobcard into your Workshop.

To add or edit details of the job, you'll need to go into the job card.

Take a look at our picture guide below to explore the job card in more detail...

1. Job Number 
The job prefixes (e.g. J0001) can be configured in Admin. Press the arrow to head back to the Jobs homepage.

2. Contact & Vehicle information 
Click the tabs to view, edit & save car or customer data directly from within the job card.

3. Job Details
You can get in touch with your contact straight from the job card: Simply click the green contact link (it'll default to your starred contact method) and you'll see a list of all contact methods. Click on the contact method you want to use and you'll be able to email, call or post a message via the social channel of their choice.

In the Job details section, you can reschedule the job's date or time, assign an advisor, technician and bay location and change the job's status. You can also add in a job reference and any notes you want to add to the job card.

Just make your changes, and hit Save.

Once the job has been completed in the workshop, simply tick the 'completed' tickbox and hit save. The job will then be closed, and will no longer appear as an open job in your Workshop module.

Hit the 'Options' link and you'll get an option to load a print-friendly document format for the job card. This template can be changed in the Admin section.

4. Stream & Events

Stream is where all communications for the job are recorded onto the job card.

To record any notes onto the job, whether records of phone conversations, memo's or anything else you want to appear against the job, simply type your note in and hit the plus button.

The paper sheet icon denotes a general note, the phone symbol denoting a phone conversation.

If a note contains pricing or other sensitive information you wouldn't want a contact to see, simply check the button next to the padlock to save the note as 'private'.

Events is where key events in the life of the job card are recorded and time stamped. So when you change any of the job details, you can be sure to find a record in the Events log, whether adding repair items, purchase orders, invoices and much more... 

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