How to add/edit a product in CarVue

Here's our guide to adding a product to CarVue...

Products is the home for every item you buy or sell in your business, including labour, parts and merchandise, and setting them up will save time when it comes to building your jobcards with repair information. Best of all, adding a product is easy, logical and speedy: saving you more time again.

To add a product, firstly click on the '+ New Product/Package' link from the Products dashboard or from the navigation menu

Make sure that the radio button is next to 'Product'

Add in a product code, name and any notes you require

Next, enter in the Sales and Purchase values, accounts and applicable tax rates.

Tick into the box if you wish to be able to track how many pieces of the product you have in your stock

Then, click  'Save' 

...and that's it, your product has been added. 

If you need to edit any details of the product, simply search for it from the Super-search box (on the right hand side of the Products Dashboard) and click the product code.

Within Products, you are also able to create a Package, which is a group of products. Click here to read more about how to set up packages...

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