How to add/edit a product package in CarVue

Packages are groups of products that you can build in CarVue to bundle common repair items, labour, parts etc together, for common repairs.

This can save a lot of time when adding repair lines, as well as storing pre-defined and adjustable prices for the products: instead of having to look up what packages contain each time, CarVue will enable you to search and select a product package.

Adding a new package

Click '+ New Product/Package' from the navigation or the dashboard page

Select 'Package' from the options

Enter in a code and name for your product package, and then hit Save.

A notification will flash up at the top of the screen to let you know the record created successfully.

Then, Search for products to add to your Package using the Search box (1). If they don't already exist, you will be prompted to Add New Product straight from the search.

Add in Quantity and adjust product price and the correct tax rate if you want to (2)

Press the '+' button (3) to add the product to your package.

Editing a Package

If you need to edit a Package, simply select the 'Packages' tab on the dashboard page, search for it from the Supersearch box (on the right hand side) and then click the package code.

Read our guide on adding a product here

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