How to create a purchase

Adding a draft purchase for parts & products and then converting it to a purchase order once confirmed is simple and quick, as you would expect in CarVue.

1. Click '+New Purchase'

There are a number of different places that you can select to add a new purchase from:

From Purchases 

From the fast menu in Contacts (e.g. Supplier record)

From a job card

2. Enter Supplier information

Look up the supplier from the supersearch box and either select one in the system, or create a new contact.

If you have linked from a Contact's fast menu, the contact information will be pre-populated already for you.

3. Link to Workshop Job (not mandatory)

Look up the job from the supersearch box and either select one in the system, create a new job or leave it blank if you don't wish to link to a job.

If you have linked from a workshop job card, the job information will be pre-populated here for you already to save you time.

4. Enter Purchase references

Add in a Purchase reference if you want, confirm purchase date (today will be displayed by default) and add in the purchaser from the drop down list.

5. Hit Save

Hit the Save button, and the draft will be created, and CarVue will automatically issue a Purchase number (which is then locked to this record).

At this stage, you can remove the job and add a new one if you need to, change purchase or contact information.

6. Add Products

Search for products already in CarVue or add a new product from the supersearch box.

Click Add to add the product to the draft purchase.

Then hit Save

And that's it! You've added your draft purchase to CarVue.

To learn how to convert a draft to a purchase order, click here...

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