Browser Support

CarVue Browser Support

CarVue fully supports most modern browsers for both desktop and mobile devices, this includes:

Desktop (PC & Mac)

  • Internet Explorer - 9.0, 10,0 11.0
  • Firefox - Latest 3 versions (currently 26.0+)
  • Chrome - Latest 3 versions (currently 32.0+)
  • Safari (PC) - Latest Version (currently 5.1)
  • Safari (Mac) - Latest Version (currently 7.0)


  • Windows Phone - Latest Version of IE (currently 10.0)
  • iPhone - Latest Version of Safari (currently iOS 7.0) and Latest Version of Chrome (currently 35.0)
  • Android - Latest Version of Chrome currently 35.0
Other Operating Systems and Browsers may experience degraded usability.

Why do you only support these browsers?

The browsers we support are deemed 'modern' browsers, and support the latest features of CSS and javascript. The users of these browsers represent approximately 95% of users of the internet, and providing reliable compatibility for every browser and version for the remaining 5% minority is simply too labour intensive.

What if I don't have one of these browsers?

You can still use the system but you may experience degraded features and functionality.

You can also upgrade to the latest versions:

Windows XP Users

We know that Windows XP is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9.0 and above, and we therefore suggest that you download Firefox or Chrome to use with CarVue.

Microsoft  has now discontinued support of Windows XP (more), we are however aware that some diagnostic machines still run Windows XP and that users have reported they are able to utilise the system with the in-built browers. In some instances users have also been able to download Chrome or Firefox to run on these devices. 

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