Using the CarVue help articles in the knowledge base

We know just how frustrating and disruptive to your business it can be when you need help with something and are forced into using automated phone systems and end up talking to a support team who don't know what you mean and 'will ask someone to call you back'... when all you really want to do is carry on with your work!

99% of the time, you're just looking for a bit of guidance or a quick answer to a common question or task.

Which is where our knowledge base comes in...

Built right into the heart of CarVue is our marvellous, multi-tasking Support widget... 

As well as allowing you to contact our support team and suggest new feature ideas, the Support widget is also armed with guides to carrying out common tasks in the program (like this very article!)

It's a CarVue Encyclopedia if you like...and it's always open at the right page.

How and When do I use the Knowledge Base?

If you ever get stuck carrying out a task, or you need more information on a page or process, then ask the knowledge base. In addition, if you experience an error in CarVue, you might find that an article already exists for it.

To access the Support widget, simply click on the Question mark at the bottom right of every page of CarVue

If there is a knowledge base article, CarVue will intelligently suggest it to you immediately! If the suggestions are not helping, you can simply click on the View Knowledge Base to view more articles.

You can click an article and this will open a new tab (especially helpful if the article has images, screenshots or videos...) to view the Knowledge base of the topic selected.

If the article answers your question, then please let us know! 

If it doesn't quite answer your question, then click 'Flag this article as inaccurate' and this will be sent off to our support team to investigate.

Alternatively select 'Start Live Chat', then 'New Message' and we can help.


Our knowledge base is growing all the time to better serve our community of users, and frequent support requests that aren't already in the knowledge base will eventually become articles in their own right.

If you want to save a link to the Knowledge Base too, go to and save the address in your browser.

From here, you can also access the Ideas Forum, as well as being able to log any support tickets if you need to. Don't worry about logging in either...if you're logged into CarVue, you'll automatically be logged into our Help & Support system.

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