Why do dates and times change on my job cards?

Sometimes, when you are editing job card information, you may notice that dates and times change for the job.

In CarVue, when a job moves from an Awaiting Arrival status e.g  "Due In" to either an "On Site" or "Off Site" status (e.g. "Arrived"), it will automatically update the "Date In" to the time/date it was moved.

Example below...

A job with an Awaiting Arrival status (Booked, in this example):

Change to an On-Site Status (Arrived, in this example) and Save the jobcard, and the 'Due In' field becomes the current date and time:

Likewise the "Date Out" is also updated automatically when a given job is marked as completed.

These changes allow you to retrospectively see when the car arrived, and when it left.

You'll also notice a simple but smart feature when you come to tick a job as 'completed'. Some options drop down to enable you to update the next service and MOT date:

There is a comprehensive log of all status changes in the "Events" tab on the right for reference.

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