How to email a purchase order

We want to make accounts as easy as possible for our users, and that's why getting that important PO off to one of your customers or suppliers just got even easier and more convenient, with the option of emailing any invoice in CarVue...

1. Go to any purchase order and click 'Options'

*Note: you can only email a purchase order and not a draft, so you'll need to convert to a full PO if you want to email it to a contact.

2. Select 'Email' from the drop down menu

3. Fill in the email body copy & hit SEND!

We automatically pull through both yours and the contact's email address, a subject line and attach the purchase order as a PDF.

4. Your email gets sent to your contact

It really is as easy as that, your contact will pick up the purchase order as an attachment to the email you just sent from CarVue.

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