Customising your invoice, credit note, purchase order & job card document templates

When you set up a location with CarVue, you'll get default document templates pre-loaded for producing your documents through the application: invoices, credit notes, purchase orders and job cards.

These templates are comprehensive and should be sufficient to use as default in your daily business. But we didn't want to stop there...we wanted CarVue to be as flexible as possible, so we built in the ability to upload your own document templates. No extra costs or time delays with agencies. You can simply download your template, change the layout, content or imagery and then re-upload to CarVue.

Check out our guide below to see how to do it...

1. Go to the Settings Menu

2. Select Document Templates

3. Pick the template you want to change and download it

4. Open up in Word and change the document layout as you want. Then remember to save it in .docx format somewhere you will find it easily...

Make sure you don't edit or delete any of the text coming up in <<double brackets>> as CarVue populates these with your data when it's time to generate the documents.
Take a look at our guide here to see what all of the fields mean, and which fields you can use in customizing each template.
Made a mistake and uploaded a document you don't want? Don't panic - you can always revert to the original template at the click of a button...

5. Click 'Edit' on the document template settings page

5. Choose your updated template file and hit Upload

That's it, your document template has been updated!

Don't like your template or made an error? Don't panic

If you ever upload a template in error or simply want to go back to the original CarVue default documents, simply click Edit and then Revert to restore the original template.

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