How to add a vehicle into stock

So you have bought a vehicle and you need to bring it into your stock.

The first step is to add a new stock record in Sales. Here's our 3-step guide to adding a vehicle into stock...

1. Click '+NEW STOCK'

2. Add the vehicle Registration

For this to be quicker add the vehicle before the New Stock setup.

3. Enter the Registration and select the correct registration from the quick search & add

4. Enter the Mileage of the vehicle and select the Vat scheme

5. Select the correct Status of the Vehicle

Make sure you edit the purchase Date, Delivery Date and who purchased the vehicle (within the company). If you do not know the details select the tick box UNCONFIRMED.

6. Enter the Retail price (Selling) and Buying From/Supplier

This will pre-enter the details for the Sales Steps.

7. Enter Finance owed on the vehicle

8. Once everything has been entered correctly press Save and you will be taken to Sales Summary screen to get started with the Sale

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