Managing leads & enquiries for your vehicle sales

You've added a stock record and a purchase order to that record and your vehicle is on sale.

This guide shows you how to record and manage any enquiries you get from customers interested in buying your stock.

To quickly view your current opportunities you can use your sales dashboard quick link or the main drop down menu to click on Leads

This view is as below

1. You can filter by % of proposed conversion
2. Opportunities will be displayed in terms of proposed % conversion to show hot opportunities
3. Direct link into the contact
4. Link into the stock enquriy 

So here's what you need to do when you get a lead for that car...

Go to your stock list and select the vehicle

Click on the stock number and this will take you to the stock details page. 

Select the Leads tab

Click on +New Leads to open a series of easy to follow steps. Information can be pre-populated if they are already on CarVue. If not, you can swiftly add them from the same search box.

Enter in the new Lead\Contact and select the name that is correct

  Add in the enquiry source (you can set-up and manage these in settings), probability of sale and offer price from the customer and hit Add.  

I now have a new lead to this vehicle. From this you can start the Sale for the new Lead

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