Adding a part exchange as part of a vehicle sale

To add a part exchange for one or more car sales opportunities, just follow our quick and simple guide...

Select the opportunity for which the part exchange is linked to, then Click '+ New Part Exchange'

Enter Supplier and Vehicle details for Part Exchange

1. The correct supplier/contact will be already selected for you, but can be changed to another contact in your database, or a new one if need be.
2. Search for the car by registration number and select it if already in your Vehicles database. If not, add and set up the car quickly by selecting '+New Vehicle' from the dropdown list when no search results are returned.
3. Complete the details of the part exchange 
4.Add in purchase date (defaults to today's date) and select the status, buyer and location from the dropdown menus. Then add in purchase and retail prices and any notes you want. If there's finance to settle, check the finance owed box and then add in the outstanding finance details.
5. More than one vehicle can be added for a part exchange 
6. Click SAVE

And that's it! You've now added in the customer's part exchange vehicle to your stock record.

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