Exporting Invoice Transactions from CarVue

CarVue allows you to export all your invoice information straight out of the CarVue system and into one of the finance packages shown below using the relevant import process for the chosen finance package.

Exporting from CarVue

From the top navigation menu click on the "Reports" option and select "Invoices" from the drop down.

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Click on "CSV Export"

Choose the relevant finance package you wish to import too, each option will download the data into correct format for the chosen package.

CarVue provides several common date scenarios: for Today's, Yesterday's or the Last 7 Day's worth of invoices. Alternatively, by using the date pickers below those options, you can choose a start date (From) and an End date (To) which will download the information between the two dates.

Click the "Download" button to download the CSV file. As a default the file will be saved into the "Downloads" folder on the PC. It is possible to then copy & paste the file into another folder if required.

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