Importing invoices into KashFlow

The following is an instruction on how to import invoices into KashFlow once you have exported them from CarVue.

From the left hand-side menu click on Settings

From the menu choose Import Data

Choose Import CSV Files

Type your Username and Password for KashFlow and click Login

Choose CSV, this is selected as a default, click Next to progress.

From the menu select Invoice and click Next

Click Choose file to browse and locate the invoice export which has been downloaded from CarVue

Click Upload

The information you wish to import will show in a table, the table will show the correct column names at the top of the table. CarVue has been set up so that when exporting the column names will match the columns in KashFlow so that no column mapping by yourselves will be needed. Please note that if the column names are changed within the CSV file then the import will fail and you will need to re-map the columns in order for the data to import into the correct columns.

Above the check the following box;

This will allow the import to pick the top row as the column headers.

It is also worth noting at this point that you can save the Mapping File so that you can quickly choose these saved mappings as the default on all future invoice imports.

Click Import to import the invoice transactions.

An import results page will show which will indicate whether the import was successful or not, if any have failed then you can go back and rectify. The most common reason for the import failing is if the customer does not already exist in KashFlow, please ensure that before imports are carried out that the customer already exists within KashFlow.

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