Importing Receipt Transactions into KashFlow

This is an instruction on how to import a Purchase (Receipt) Transaction into KashFlow.


- A supplier must already be set up within KashFlow in order for the receipt to match the transaction too.

From the menu on the left hand-side of system select Settings.

Click on Import CSV Files

Type a valid username & password for KashFlow and click Login

CSV will be chosen as a default, click Next to progress.

Click Choose File to locate the file you wish to import and click Upload

The export from CarVue will always be in the same format so no changes to the template are required when exporting from CarVue. Clicking on the below checkbox will map the first row with the require column headers in KashFlow. Any changes to the export from CarVue may lead to the columns not mapping and not being able to import the data.

Click Import 

Confirmation of a successful import will show, if there are any failures then it will allow you to go back and check the information within the export from CarVue and amend where necessary.

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