What are products and packages?

Products is the place in CarVue to store anything that your business buys or sells.

So, whether that's different types of labour, parts, fluids, utilities or any other item your business comes into contact on a daily basis, you can use Products to record purchase and/or sale information so they can be quickly added, rather than retyped in full every time you need them.

Products store preset information for:
  • Description
  • Unit Sale Price
  • Sale Nominal Account
  • Sale Tax Rate
  • Unit Purchase Price
  • Purchase Nominal Account
  • Purchase Tax Rate
So, for example, if you have a Standard Labour Rate of £50.00 which you always want to be in your "Labour Sales" nominal account and with 20% Tax set this up as a Product and let CarVue automatically fill in the details.

The benefit of using Products is that once you've set them up, you can quickly add them in at various points in CarVue, whether onto a job card, invoice or purchase order. The details of a product aren't set in stone, so once you've looked up and added one, you still have the flexibility to over type any of the details, or indeed to discount or change the value how you see fit.

Products in CarVue can also be set as trackable inventory, so you're able to see how many pieces of a specific product you've got in your stock.

Packages are a quick way of bundling several of your products together. As with products, this is a way of speeding up adding items in across CarVue. All you need do is search for your package and add it, and all of the bundled products will be pulled through onto your job card, invoice or PO.

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