Editing the layout of your T-Card Board

Changing the order and layout of the columns in your T Card board is incredibly easy and quick. 

Click on the Settings icon, and then select T-Card Board from the left hand navigation menu.

You are then free to change the ordering of the statuses within each column and also add in or move workshop status headings to other columns.

1. Use the Order By text field to move a status up or down a column.

2. To move a status to a new column, simply go to the desired new column and select it from the drop down status list, then click +ADD. It will then move into the new column.

Please note: You aren't able to remove a column - the system is configured to have 8 columns: the left hand column for any statuses with 'Awaiting Arrival' status level, followed by 7 columns of 'On Site' and 'Off Site' statuses. If you don't want to use any of the columns, simply leave them empty. Jobs assigned a status that is an  'Unconfirmed' status level will not be shown on the T-Card Board. Read more about what the 4 status levels mean in CarVue here...

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