Setting up the Text Messaging (SMS) feature

Contacting your customers or suppliers via SMS text messaging is a fantastic feature available in CarVue that couldn't be simpler to set-up and use*.

From key sections of the app, you're able to quickly compose and send out a text message from your business to a contact, and the message gets time and date-stamped for easy reference later on. What's more, pick two-way messaging at set-up and your contact will be able to reply to your message and you'll get notified in the app and be able to view their response in the conversation stream. 

SMS set-up takes just a few moments...

1. Go to Garage Setup or Settings

You'll find the location Garage Setup on your dashboard...

...or, you can go to the Settings menu (cog icon) in the top right of any screen and select Location from the dropdown menu

2. Select Outbound only or Inbound

If you want to brand the text messages to be from your business, and not from an assigned phone number, select 'Outbound only' and then enter in a maximum of 11 characters (including spaces) into the 'From' text box. Note that customers will not be able to reply to any of the messages that you send out if you select this option.

Alternatively, if you want your contacts to be able to reply and for you to receive messages back in to CarVue, select the 'Inbound' checkbox.

3. Click Save

Hit the save button and that's it, you're done! If you selected a name for outbound only, that name will now be used in all texts you send in CarVue.

If you selected Inbound, then we will assign your location a number immediately, which will be shown to you on screen.
If you choose at a later date to change the setting from inbound to outbound after your number has been assigned, then this number will be removed and cease to work in CarVue. Re-selecting 'Inbound' and saving again will provision your location with a new number.

You're now completely set up and can start using text messaging to contact your customers in CarVue!*

Click here to see how to now send messages using this feature in our guide to text messaging...

* Please note that text messaging functionality is available for all CarVue versions. For inbound messaging, sometimes a slight delay of up to 10 minutes can be experienced receiving a reply back into CarVue.

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