Creating a Credit Note referencing an Invoice

This article will go through each step to creating a Credit Note referencing an invoice number.

To start crediting an invoice, identify the invoice to find what items will be credited.

We will be doing a Credit for Hilton Austin and the reference will be his invoice IN1040. Here you can see the invoice and the Items he had done to his vehicle.

To start the Credit Note click on the Accounts button at the top and select + Credit Note

Otherwise select the Fast MenuNew Credit Note

You will be presented to the the Draft Credit

1. Enter the Customer you will be crediting in the search function. When you click on the name Hilton Austin it will automatically populate all his details. 

2. If you want a Reference the Credit Note to an Invoice number, add it in the Reference box. 

Start entering the items that you will be crediting the customer. 

Like adding an item for a Job Card, this process is the same. Type the Code or the name of the Item and select the item from the drop down. This will populate with the details and you just need to edit the quantity.

Once you have added all the lines needed to be credited, select the COMMIT button to confirm the draft as a Credit Note.

Once the page refreshes you will be presented to the Credit Note page showing UNPAID.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the Payment section. If needed you can remove each line by clicking the 'x' 

In the Payment section make sure you have selected the correct 

  1. Type of Payment
  2. Account 
  3. Reference (Optional)
  4. Value

When everything is correct, press the ADD.

Once the page refreshes at the top of the Credit Note it will be set to PAID (If fully paid 1st time). If the Credit Note was partially paid, the Credit Note will be indicated as PART PAID. 

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