5 tips you need to know in CarVue

CarVue is designed to be as simple to use as possible, and is intuitive enough to use without any training. 

However there are a few key items that will make your experience slicker:

1. Top Menu Navigation

Access to the all section of the site are available from the top menu.

2. Side Bar Navigation

All pages have a side bar for navigation. On some pages (all pages on mobile), the menu is collapsed. Top expand/collapse the menu at any time click the up/down arrow.

Whenever you see the magnifying glass, we have provided a supersearch feature. This means that you just need to type until you find the record that matches what you want, and click on it. 

The supersearch find matches on multiple criteria, not just the headline result.

3. Adding Records from Supersearch

If the record you are looking for doesn't appear in the Supersearch menu, you will see an option to add a new record:

Click to add the new record and a pop-up window will appear. Add the new record and click 'save'

 Then click 'close'

 And it will immediately be available to select in the supersearch

4. Fast Search Tables

When Searching for Vehicle, Contact, Jobs... either on the Search function or viewing the Dashboard

The filter even searches by criteria you can't see in the table...

5. T-Card Board

The T-Card Board is a simplistic and quick view of viewing what is happening in your workshop at any given time, but this is all determined on how you setup and manage the T-Card Board.

Here you can see a T-Card Board setup to have an Engineers as a Status. When Engineer 3 is finished with the Job he can drag the Job into a new Status

When the Engineer has finished the work on the Job he can simply drag the Job from Status MOT \ INSPECTION to CLEANING. This way you can see what needs to be invoiced, contact the customer (either with our quick SMS function or a phone call), as well as see MOT \ INSPECTION is available for a new Job.

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