Customising your Dashboard

The dashboard is CarVue's spiritual home: it's where you take your first steps in the app, and where you arrive each and every time that you log-in after that. It's also an entry point into the many different modules of CarVue (which you can read more about here...)

With so many diverse businesses using CarVue, we have made sure your dashboard is just that: Yours!

So we've built in a great feature that allows you to tailor your dashboard experience to your business, and your role.

It's really simple to customise your dashboard...

1. Select Customise Dashboard

2. Pick and choose your modules and options

Don't have a sales department, just untick the box and it will get removed from the dashboard.
Completed the Academy? No problems, just untick that box and instead you'll now see a cool time and date widget in its place!

3. Click the 'x' or click outside the pop-up box

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