Dashboard overview

The dashboard is CarVue's homepage and your landing point when you login.

There's plenty to see, so here are some quick pointers to help you understand what's what...

Support. We want to hear from you!

At the very top you'll see a support box. Click the question mark here, or in the bottom right of the page and the support menu will slide out and present options to search our knowledge base articles, getting started links, quick links to adding popular CarVue items and finally to chat to a member of the CarVue Help Squad via Live chat.

 To find out more about Support in CarVue click here

 Garage Setup. Get up and running fast.

This section is dedicated to getting CarVue finetuned to fit your business. 

Selecting Garage Setup

...will take you through to our Garage Setup Wizard. This is a simple, stepped walkthrough that will customise your location to exactly fit your needs, including invoice templates, taxation, job statuses, text messaging setup (region dependent) and customer/vehicle data import.

CarVue Modules. Jump off where you need to.

Each one of CarVue's departments has a dedicated widget on the dashboard.

  • Contact
  • Vehicles
  • Products
  • Invoices
  • Sales

You can jump straight off into any of the modules...

...and you can also use our Super Search in any of them to see results as you type, or add in new records in an instant.

Your Sales & Service Dashboards


On our simple view, you'll find a high level summary of what is happening in your workshop...Toggle the detailed view on, and get a detailed breakdown with quick links to your jobs. Read more here about customising your dashboard!

Awaiting Arrival

This will help you view how many jobs have been booked in for the coming week as well as customers due in Today.

On Site / Off Site

Gives an overview of how many jobs you have in the status of on site or off site and what vehicles are overdue. Click on a job to jump straight into the job card.


A quick summary on how many workshop jobs you have completed for the day, how many have been invoiced, as well as your last 5 jobs completed.


As with workshop, you can toggle on or off a simple or detailed view of your Sales department. Read about customising your dashboard here...


Shows you all the vehicles you have bought this month, and the total value. Quicklinks guide you into your 5 most recently added stock-books...

In Stock

See how many vehicles you have in your stock and the average amount of days you hold a vehicle. A list of the last 5 updated stock-books is presented for you below.


Track how many vehicles you have sold in the current month and the total value invoiced. Jump straight into any of the last 5 invoiced cars.

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