Getting Started with CarVue & XERO

Before starting the integration between CarVue and XERO, you will need to make sure that you have done a few things:

  1. Most important, is that you have setup a Xero account for your business. 

  2. A Suspense Account particularly if your business does Vehicle Sales as the suspense account will temporarily store deposits and partial payments from the sale as well as part exchange transactions until the sale is closed.

  3. Your business bank accounts, and remember to give the bank accounts a code when setting them up.
P.S. If you are using the Global Edition of Xero, remember to setup your country's Tax Rates in Xero before doing the integraton by going to Settings>>General Settings>>Tax Rates editing each tax rate as you need & will use.

Starting the Integration

Now you are ready to link CarVue to XERO.

Important: We would strongly recommend talking to your accountant before starting the next process.

Connecting CarVue to XERO
  • Sign into your CarVue Account and once in, hover over the cog and click on “Settings” …

  •  On the Menu on the left scroll down to “Integrations” and click on "Accounting" to go to the "Accounting Integrations" module. 

  • To get started, click on the "ADD-ON" button to be taken to Step 1 to connect CarVue & Xero.

Step 1/5 – Connect CarVue and XERO

To link CarVue to XERO and authorise access to your XERO Data, click on the “Connect to XERO” button

If you are not already logged into XERO, the login request page will appear. Using your usual username/email address and password, log into XERO to authorise the application.

On the next page, select the organisation that you want CarVue to link with (No 1) and click on the “Authorise” button (No 2) to allow CarVue access to your XERO Data. 

A message confirming that CarVue has been enabled will appear and you will be taken back to CarVue.

Congratulations! CarVue and XERO are now connected.

Step 2/5 – Map the Suspense Account

We need to confirm that you have a Suspense Account set up in XERO, particularly if you are carrying out Vehicle Sales in your business.  The suspense account will temporarily store any deposits, partial payments of the sale and part-exchange transactions until the deal is complete.  Once the sale is closed, the transactions will automatically transfer into their accounts in Xero (Vehicle Purchase, Vehicle Sales, Cost of Sales or Bank Account).

If you already have a suspense account setup in XERO, select it in the drop-down box (No 1) and press “Continue” (No 2) to move onto the next stage.

However, if you don’t have a Suspense account, click on the XERO button and go back into XERO to add one.  Remember to make it a "Current Liability" account.

Once the Suspense Account has been created, come back to CarVue and click on the “Refresh List” button.

Now if you click on the drop-down, you will be able to select the newly created Suspense Account and click on the “Continue” button to move onto Step 3. �

Step 3/5 – Confirm your Bank Payment Accounts

For Step 3, all we need to do is to confirm that your Bank details have been added to your XERO account. This is to ensure any payments made in CarVue have got somewhere to go! This is especially for new Users of XERO.

If no bank accounts are showing in the drop-down, go back into XERO clicking on the XERO button and once the bank account has been setup, return to CarVue. 

Click on the “Refresh List” button and if you are happy with the bank accounts displayed, click on “Continue” to go to Step 4.

Step 4/5 – MAP Tax Rates

This page is to choose the Chart of Accounts that you will use in CarVue and that they have been setup to match to the correct Tax Rate.

See the example of what will be needed in the image below. By clicking on the down arrows you will be able to choose the right account as well as matching the VAT to it.

If you are unsure what to do, we would suggest that you speak to your Accountant first, or contact our Support Team who will be happy to help. The good news is that these can be changed at any time in Settings.

Step 5/5 - Import Contacts

The final step is to import your Contacts from Xero into CarVue.

It's important to note that if you have already got contacts in CarVue, could cause duplications.

Guidance on how this can be done can be found in Knowledge Base, or feel free to contact our Support Team who will be able to assist.

If you are happy to import your contacts from XERO, then carry on by clicking in the little box and "Continue".

Well done! You have successfully linked your CarVue Account to XERO.

You are now ready to start working.

We would recommend that if you have been an existing CarVue user, that you check your Products and their Default settings as integrating with XERO will have changed the tax defaults.

If you are not sure what to do, contact your Accountant to check or our Support Team will be available to help you.Otherwise …. carry on and start working!


Once the integration has happened, it’s important to remember that CarVue becomes the Master. This means should any changes or additions made to your contacts, they must be done CarVue and not from XERO. These changes will automatically be pushed across to Xero.

Operating your CarVue-Xero Business

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