FAQs on CarVue & XERO

Setup Process to link CarVue with Xero 

  1. I am trying to link my CarVue location Xero, but I can't get past Step 2 to map the suspense account?
    First check that all of your Chart of Accounts in Xero have an Account Code assigned to them, in particular your bank account setup. Should you find that this has happened, when you come back to CarVue, click on the "Refresh List" button and once the page refreshes, click on "Continue" to move onto Step 3. 

  2. What do I do if I can't see my bank accounts in Step 3?
    Go back into your Xero organisation by clicking on the Xero button and setup your bank account. Remember to give it an Account Code! Once this is done, return to CarVue, click on the "Refresh List" button and when your bank accounts are displayed after the page refreshes, you can then click on "Continue" for Step 4. 

  3. I have no idea what needs to be done in Step 4 to map the tax rates?
    We would suggest that you either contact your Accountant or take a look at our "Getting Started" video & document. Our Support Team are also available to help you but don't worry, it's not too serious if you get it wrong because these can be changed at anytime in Settings.
    Getting Started with CarVue & Xero

  4. Some of my contacts in Xero have the same names, will CarVue import them all?
    Xero doesn't allow you to have two Contacts with the same name. You could set them up using a letter or a number to differentiate them before importing your Contacts.

Customers & Suppliers

  1. None of my customers are showing in XERO but I have customers in CarVue, how do I get them into XERO?
    The first time you complete a sale for a customer, the customer will sync into XERO. Don’t create the customer manually in XERO, as this may cause duplicate records.

  2. I have no suppliers in XERO, but have suppliers in CarVue that I want in XERO?
    Each supplier will be created in XERO the first time you raise a purchase for them in CarVue.

  3. I have added a new customer in CarVue, but I can’t seem to find the customer in XERO?
    Any new customers or suppliers you may have added in CarVue, will only appear in XERO once an invoice or purchase note has been raised and committed in CarVue. 

  4. I have imported all my contacts into CarVue from XERO but they haven’t been split up into the categories of Customer and Supplier?
    XERO defaults your contacts to "OTHER" as they could be both customer and supplier. Once an invoice or purchase order has been created and committed, XERO will assign them into the correct category.

  5. I need to link my Contacts with their vehicles in CarVue?
    Unfortunately, there is no way that this can be done automatically, so what we would suggest is that after linking CarVue & Xero, import your database of vehicles into CarVue and when a contact makes a booking to bring their car into your workshop, open up that contact's card, click on the Edit button and in the "ADD VEHICLE" box, type in their vehicle's registration number.  The vehicle's details will pop up, click on the one you want followed by the "+ (Plus)" button.  Remember our Support Team are always available to assist you with this.
    Importing Vehicles

Important: If you have linked your contacts between CarVue and XERO, and you edit one of the contacts in XERO, these changes will not apply in CarVue. What will happen is that next time the contact is edited in CarVue, or a sale or purchase is done, any changes made in XERO will be overwritten.

Tax Rates & Settings

  1. Why are my CarVue Tax Rates not active?  
    Once you have linked CarVue with Xero, the tax rates & accounts you have setup in Xero over-rides CarVue's chart of Accounts and they become the Defaults.
  2. I'm using the Global edition of Xero and I've just realised that I forgot to setup my tax rates in Xero before linking it to CarVue and now I can't edit them? Help please?
    Disconnect your CarVue Account from Xero by clicking on the Xero Button at the top right of CarVue. You will be taken to the Disconnect Page. Disconnect until you get the double Xero logo. Log into your Xero Organisation and click on Settings>>General Settings>>Tax Rates and edit the tax rates that you will be using with your country's tax rates.  Do the link process between CarVue and Xero again but don't import your Contacts from Xero otherwise you will end up with duplicates!

  3. I've disconnected my CarVue from Xero and now I can't raise a job card?
    You will need to go into Settings and reactivate the Tax Rates you would use in CarVue because you are no longer linked to Xero's tax rates.

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