Operating your CarVue-XERO Integrated business - Exporting Invoices

Exporting Invoices from CarVue to XERO

You have been a customer of CarVue and now that we have the fantastic feature of being able to automatically sync your business with XERO, you have decided to sign up to XERO. However, you now need to synchronise your invoice and purchase transactions with XERO by exporting the information from CarVue.

For more information on the export process visit this article in Knowledge Base.

Importing Invoice & Purchase Transaction into XERO

  • Once you have exported the transactions into a CSV File and saved it, login to your XERO organisation.
  • Click on the Accounts tab and scroll down to either the Sales or Purchases section.

  • On the sales or purchases dashboard, click on the “Import” button

  • Go to Step 3 and click on the “Browse” button (1) to select the file to import, choose the saved CSV file on your PC (2) and click on the Import button (3).

  • To finish the import, click on the “Complete Import” button. 

  • The transactions are imported as “Drafts” so you are able to check and edit them before approving by selecting (1) and clicking on the “Approval” button (2)

  • And that’s it, all confirmed and approved.

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