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When you have created your job card, you will want to add spare parts to your repair.

Select the +TECDOC to start search and adding Parts.

You will be taken to the next screen to select the correct MAKE, MODEL and DERIVATIVE of the vehicle to retrieve the parts associated with that vehicle.

  • You won’t be asked to input this information each time you add a part to the job.
  • By entering this information, a unique number call the K-Type will be created. The K-Type number is how CarVue accesses the TECDOC Data retrieve the correct parts needed for the vehicle.
Once you have selected the MAKE, MODEL and DERIVATIVE, you will be taken to the front page of the Parts section, where you can start selecting the parts needed for your vehicle.

For this exercise, we are going to select Brakes – Brake System and then Disc Brakes for our vehicle.

 A range of different brands for the vehicle’s parts will be displayed.  To view more details about a particular part, just click on VIEW

You can also refine your search by entering in words such as Front or Back, to narrow down the options.

Or you can go to Filters, where you can select a particular brand that perhaps your workshop trusts and sells. All the disc brakes associated with that brand will displayed.

We have chosen the Bosch Brake Disc range and by selecting this part, all Part Information, Criteria and Manufacturer Information, including a diagram (sometimes an image of the part) will be displayed.

All the information provided by TECDOC, will make it easier for a workshop to identify the part/s they require even before the vehicle has arrived for a service or repair.  It will also provide details on where to order the parts from.

The next step is to add the disc brakes to the Repair. Simply select +ADD PART.  Once the part has been selected, adding a repair into CarVue automatically transfers TECDOC’s information to the pre-setup Job Card

Or, alternatively, you could select +ADD REPAIR, and create a new repair within the TECDOC section. This will help to avoid having to go out of this screen and back to the Job Card

As you can see, I have selected a Repair for the Job Card setup beforehand ...

CarVue will automatically fill in the description from TECDOC with a quantity of 1 as the default. Remember to change the quantity you might need, as well as the unit selling price before VAT. 


Once you are happy that you have all the correct details, select the + button.

If you look at the top of the page, you can see how many Repairs and Items you have added from TECDOC (see circled).

Once you have completed adding all the parts needed, and want to go back to the Job Card, simply click on the BACK TO JOB button …

Where the following information will be displayed on the Job Card ...

  1. The description of the part selected;

  2. The TECDOC Part Number;

  3. The quantity and unit price (before tax) you entered in when adding the part, and finally,

  4. The gross price Including VAT.

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