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TecRMI is the technical repair and maintenance database from TECDOC which includes the scheduled work-time calculator. Workshops will be able to access how long it would take to do a repair by selecting a specific task to bill for the hours of work (labour) in performing the repair.

To get started, first select the +TECDOC button

You will be taken to the Parts Module from TECDOC.  Next, click on the Repair Times tab.

The TecRMI Logo will be displayed when you are in the repair times module (see image below).

To begin adding the work-times, first select Standard + to go through the repair that will be carried out.

A drop down menu will be displayed where you will select the type of work needed for the vehicle.

For this exercise, we have chosen Chassis rear – Rear wheels.  A list of repair data related to the work will be displayed and will include the repair times for each function. This helps to ensure that nothing is forgotten when billing for the time worked on that repair.

Click on the + button to add the items for the hours needed to carry out the work ...         

You will be taken to New Item screen .... and select the drop-down arrow under Repair.

If you click on the + ADD REPAIR button, you will be promoted to enter a New Repair and be able to add more items.


 Or you can use the dropdown arrow under Repair and select another repair item.


The number of Items selected from TECDOC will be displayed once you have added all the repairs.


When you have finished selecting everything related to the job, click on the BACK TO JOB button ...


 ... Where you will be taken back to the Job Card, which will show the hours that were needed to carry out the repairs and will form part of the bill to the customer.                                     


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