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Once the Job Card has been created for work to be carried out on a vehicle, you will need to build up the job for the service.  Click on the +TECDOC button and input the details of the vehicle, MAKE MODEL and DERIVATIVE.  Remember, you will only need to input the details once for each vehicle being worked on. You won’t be asked to input this information each time you add an Item or Repair.

It is important to make sure you have selected the right MAKE, MODEL and DERIVATIVE of the vehicle to get access to the correct information.

Once you have entered the vehicle’s details, you will be directed to the main page of TecDoc Parts, and to start, click on the Service Schedules tab.

Select STANDARD under Categories and the recommended services for the vehicle will be displayed e.g. oil change for every 30,000 km, Service every 30,000 km, etc.

For this exercise, we have selected Service Every 30,000km (18000 MI) and by clicking on that option, all the tasks required for this service are shown on the screen.    

You can print out the Service Check Sheet if you want to, by simply clicking on the Service Check Sheet at the bottom of the page where you will be taken to a new page in your browser.

 Select the printer icon to print out the sheet.  The check sheet can be used by the Engineer/Technician to fill in once they have completed all the required tasks for the service on the vehicle.

Going back to the service sheet in CarVue, you will also be able to add any extra work done on the vehicle by ticking the relevant boxes. These will be added to the Repairs.

Once all the additional work has been added, fill in the correct details to be shown on the Job Card.  When completed, click on the ADD button.

PLEASE REMEMBERThe UNIT price that should be entered must be the full amount that you would charge for that particular service.  The system will calculate the cost for each repair based on the UNIT price entered.

When the page has been updated and the information saved, you will be taken to the top of the page and be able to see how many Repairs and Items have been added to the job.

Once you are happy that everything has been added, click on the BACK TO JOB button.

And you will be able to view all of the Repairs and Items carried out for that service. If you have entered in an incorrect amount or would like to reduce the Unit price, you can edit the line by selecting the Edit function.

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